Lake Muggelsee
Berlin, Germany

I am the explorer of the essence of everything.


I have found my relationship to water to be one of the more difficult. With fire, I find fuel. With air, I find movement. With earth, I find laying on my back watching Netflix (haha). 

With water, I find illogical emotions. The kind that I endlessly try to classify with the help of external reasoning. Or solidify via an explanation based on my life experiences up to this point. For example, today I feel extra heavy and down. I feel like crying. My mind takes this information and tries to understand it by explaining why I might be feeling down.


Is it because I don’t have a clear purpose?

Is it because I don’t like the way I look?

Maybe I’m feeling inadequate, lonely, a failure? (Notice if your mind falls into judgment…)

Is it because …and so on and so on.

Let go of reasoning

What if it’s none of those things? What if it’s something else entirely? Better yet, what if it’s just an aspect of me that I’m being shown at this specific moment? 

When we relax our explanations of emotions, we give space for them to be fully expressed. 

OK. SO. I feel down today.

That’s it.

I feel…heavy.

I feel…tired.

I feel…cloudy.




After letting go of reasoning, we can then fully let go.

Water is just moving energy. It’s fluid and passing. It’s impermanent.

Physically let it go! Whether it’s a scream, a sigh, a cry, a 5-second run. Whatever you feel is energetically being asked of you, go for it. Relax the need to plan out your release. You feel like being upside down. Go for it! And see, as you let the energy flow through you, if you can continue to release any expectations of how you should you feel or why you feel watery. 

Feel your body. Feel what it is sharing with you. Move when you feel the urge. Rest when collapse comes calling. 

Immediately. Energy, Divine Energy, is playing a childhood game with you. One that doesn’t need to last a certain amount of time, or transmute within a certain period. One that doesn’t require your judgment to exist.

Your day is you.

Instead of doing your life experiences, especially on a watery day, try being your life experiences. 

What does it feel like to be you when you walk, when you talk, when you eat. What does it feel like to be you when you don’t feel like walking, when you don’t feel like talking, and when you don’t feel like eating. 

Feel the day, the responsibilities, the interactions. They are not only a part of you, they are you. And they are sharing you with you. In the most open and loving way every experience is here confidently, saying with gusto, “I’m here to help you meet yourself!” Say hello. Release judgment. Move into the present moment.

So, my floating dreamer! Let those dams burst open and allow the waterfall. We need not be afraid of emotion. It’s when we confuse happiness with needing to cover up our sad, dramatic, wayward depressions that they become stiff and run into our bodies to hide away. 

Trust your heart, that it knows your mind. And that heart, being inherently filled with love-the love of simple existence-will always give you exactly what you need to release any harbored emotions and any heavy thoughts. Don’t get me wrong; you are so strong! So strong! But trust me that sharing your weakness is powerful in its own right.

Running is way more freeing without feeling the need to shoulder a backpack. Falling is much easier when you let go of the rope you hold on to. 

Lake Manasarovar, Tibet

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