The Tiger and The Tick

the sacral abyss

It came to pass, everyday, a magnificent tiger, striped and glistening, strode across the soft forest floor. Her prowess was uniquely powerful and incomparable. Her gaze was steady and held that canine hint of deadliness. She moved on padded paws; her tail swished effortlessly, carving imaginary lines in the humidity. Her fur, smoothed down, swept perfectly back, hugging her skin and her thick, massive muscles. In her throat she held the potential for a mighty roar, and with each step, the forest and its animals vibrated with her energy. 

The tiger was laced with the power to commit and dispel order; she held within her the essence of thousands. Like a river, she was a fluid assimilation of all that is. Her breath rang of fire and her metallic eyes whispered the known secret of her danger. 

As our feline crossed her rainforest kingdom, another, far more discreet, lay just underneath her. Attached to the tiger’s lowest belly, a threatening tick was swaying daintily, like a potato chip in the breeze. Clear and expanding, the tick sucked away at the energized blood of the tiger, taking her power and mysterious might into its own small body.

As the tiger passed through the forest each day, she began to notice her body become weak. She could not feel the tick, but sensed something askew. All the while, the tick continued to expand it’s transparent body, growing like a small baby just outside the tiger’s tummy.

A few days passed and the tiger felt herself sinking into sleepiness. She stopped to rest and clean herself and, when arriving to her lowest of bellies, she spotted the now bulging tick. In horror, she scrunched herself and went for the kill, but she could not reach!

The little tick has tucked himself away so impressively, that no matter which angle or with what she tried to attack, the smallest of beasts had managed to outwit her. And so he continued to suck away.

The tiger called with a desperate growl to the nearby areas, asking the forest to send her relief. Yet, the other animals were shrunken far away from her, fear and respect vibrating every small pupil that watched the scene from the safest of distances.

The beautiful feline’s stomach began to tighten in agony and her whole body gripped reality. Her mind, buzzing electrically, passed through every possible solution. She was up! Running in circles, crashing into trees. She was flying towards falling branches, rubbing her stomach down into muddy passageways. She roared, tumbled, and galloped through her kingdom, and many onlookers felt she had gone quite mad. She finally decided, in a last desperate effort, to reach the forest edge, where a rushing river lay quietly. Splashing emphatically, she rushed into the tumbling waters and they took her quickly as she whimpered amidst their wavey power, willing the current to grip the tick and force it away.

The tick, meanwhile, was having a very similar experience. Little did the duo know that they were oh so similar! After the tiger had realized his existence and gone into her gallivanting, the tick had become quite afraid of losing his own meager purpose and existence. 

So he held on.

Quite tight. 

And the more the tiger rushed and raced, the more our little tick gripped her skin and sucked her blood. As it goes, with such an intense desire for both to survive, their thoughts had become interlocked, and their passion focused on willpower alone. So now, amidst tumbling river rapids and the crashing into of rocks and the tanglings of algae, the two headed, unbeknownst! to a waterfall, a true beacon of possibility. 

Both gripped their bodies with intensity. 

Rocks and debris flew past; trees blurred into a straight line of green.

A beaver dam disintegrated with their force; water bugs flew up quickly to avoid the tornadic couple.

And then, as if the universe collapsed in on itself all at once…

They fell.

A tiger and tick.

A smidgen of air between them and the cascading waterfall.

They fell.

Into a crashing unknown.

Somersaulting for what felt like ages.

They fell so fast.

They felt such deep fear.

That all at once, death seemed inevitable.

And in their failure to survive, in their thoughts, in their beings, 

they simply had to let go. 

The tiger released the tightening of her stomach, and as her belly expanded the tick undid his deadly grip on her skin. Their bodies became like powdery clouds, molding with the waterfall and its’ power.

It is said the two can be found on a distant shore, living together in harmony and solitude. Because of their complete acceptance of death, it is a magical thing that they now have alluded it altogether. And they play with attachdetachcontractrelease, but this time they know its just a game. 

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