As we play with our elements, transmuting them through the vessels of this earthly body, watching them play with this moment, this reality, we always have the opportunity to zoom out and see the bigger picture.

Istanbul, Turkey

This is space.

Where our planet lives as a speck among thousands.

Where every atom in our body is only half as big as the space between them. 

Tirthapuri, Tibet
Photo by Max Friedstein

When we see the beauty of our bodies and minds, and their ability to transmute the elements, we also provide them with space to do so. 

In the end, all we are doing is becoming the observer of our lives. 

Like watching a movie on a screen, or enjoying a river moving past us, providing space to our elemental experiences (which is all of our experiences in a way), gives us the opportunity to see the amazing magic at work in our lives and the countless lives around us. 

So, when fire feels too hot, or the water won’t stop flowing. When your body feels heavy as a rock, or you can’t seem to stop expanding, remember that just like a star in the sky you have space. You are space. You have time. You are time. 

And everything is working out in absolute divinity. Arising and passing as needed.

To the space in and around us that connects us all. May we remember this as our home. 

Photograph by Max Friedstein

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