Flower Trail

Folded Up

And Rolleded Up

Here darling, fill up your cup

When it’s full, empty again

Your cup is just a portal then

Merry along, and you go merrily

circular bee, a trilling fairy

In a space with no ending

Bending! Mending!

A random way that’s sending,


See what I mean

when you start to sing

dancing your life like a quaint

Spinny Thing

Feeling your palms and they

jitter and jive

Fabulous, angel! You’re a part of the hive!

Relax to existence

Then leave when you wish

But know that it’s worth it

This cannonball splish


We’ve arrived

Oh right,

we always are

Look up at your mountain

Enjoy cookies from the jar

Let go of the story of





We’re on to something great

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