Illustration by Abigail Loevy

Fire is treacherous, difficult to control, and a threat for everyone on this planet at the moment. 

Fire can seem like a demon. 

I have found myself shying away from emotional fire because I am afraid of it. Then, while running backwards, I run right into it and I feel inflamed. 

When we come in contact with fire, it can feel encapsulating and yet, at the same time, fire has amazing capacity and can be invigorating. 

Here are some ideas I work through for myself on how to safely channel fire. 

Don’t take it personally

First, it’s important to recognize fire as simply energy. Whether it feels hot, angry, exciting, filled with adrenaline, sweat, or simply a desire to be active, these sensations in and of themselves are not a bad thing! Even hatred, a desire to rebel, or vengeance can be brought down to simply feeling a sensation towards something. 

Instead of defining your fire, allow it to be. 

Fire can often feel like an increasing enemy, whether it be an enemy that resembles self-sabotage, or the kind that feels like it is given to you by others. This can often scare us and cause us to become stressed or overwhelmed. 

Without hating the way we relate to ourselves and others fire, whether that be through external or internal circumstances, we always have the option to release our fiery grip. Allow fire to exist without actively engaging with it, no matter how sovereign that fiery anger may seem. When we try to mold or dismiss fire by grabbing onto it, we end up becoming the predator, and getting burned. When you notice fire, whether that be anger, adrenaline, excitement, hatred, etc. release the need to define it based on your own characteristics. For example, my fire becomes much easier to manage when it becomes a fire instead of Becca’s fire. Your fire, too, can become much easier to let go of when it just becomes a fire. Then, when others give you their fire, you can move it through you instead of defining it as yours or theirs. 

Relax blame

When we let go of how fire relates to us as individuals, we can begin to recognize how we all have powerful connection to fire. We can harness it and use it for good. Ultimately fire can be very destructive, but by letting go of taking fire personally, we take ourselves away from having to defend our lives and our fires as good, just, fair, etc. We then have more ability to see all of the fire at our disposal, and, yes, that means tapping into the fire that we hide from too!


Changing our perspective on fire is a wonderful step into understanding the goodness burning brightly inside of each of us. There is a fiery light in creation just as much as there are fiery flames in the destructive parts of us! When we recognize this, we can slowly detach from defining others by their creations/destructions and begin to connect to those around us with compassion. 

If we want to save the planet, but half our time is spent hating half of the beings on this planet, it will make it very difficult to harness our fire energy into a good frequency. 

Start with forgiving yourself. 

Then take that beautiful, non-judgmental energy and send it onwards to your loved ones, to those you may not even know, and to those you may not feel as close to. 

When you get to your enemies, harness the fire of forgiveness that you have sent to yourself and those you love and let it keep spreading. 

This is compassion. 

This is our planet. 

Let us remain connected to one another and not define ourselves or others by each one’s relationship to fire. 

Actively letting go

Especially with fire there is a fear of becoming passive. When we become passive with fire it will consume us!! 

Yet, when we engage with fire it can easily engulf us.

I encourage the process of actively letting go. Let your fiery anger, your hatred, your ill will – no matter how justified it may seem – go. 

When we actively let go of our individual fire we fuel the larger fires we are connected to less and less. 

We give ourselves space to allow the other elements to charge and activate. 

Refuel with space, and trust in the healing that comes from that. 

There is breathing fire into the flame, which is aggression. There is standing watching the flame grow, which is passivity.  Then, there is turning around and actively walking towards the water hose. Let yourself move through those steps and perhaps the simplest of solutions will become clear, internally and externally, in your own personal daily life and in the planet’s daily life as well.

May we fill ourselves with the fire of compassion, gratitude, and forgiveness. Mother Earth works on these frequencies. She gives without reserve, even when we take too much. She has allowed us to live with her for millennia. Without judging us or blaming us, Mother Earth moves with steady patience and wisdom. She is consistent and clear. We are like her, we are of her, and we can tap into that resonance in any moment!

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