Mt. Kailash, Tibet

We. Are. Human. Beings.

It’s the only way we can do things. Is first with our beingness. 

As I’m writing this, I noticed a thought that I have about rest. One that says a human “being” is a perfectly nice and beneficial pastime but I’ll always have to prepare to go back into a human “doing”!!

That just does not have to be true. I’ve felt its falseness. 

The Earth, our mother, is a massive being. Take a moment to tap back into that unbelievable power. She has the ability to wipe out the entire human race, and yet continues to follow simple, steady elemental rules of arising and passing away. She is so in love with being that she can hold and support massive amounts of environments, species, and all types of beings (including the beautiful existence of you).

Imagine settling back into our mother, into the earth. Perhaps laying down on your back and letting your heart fall down, down, down into the back of you and through you. It is in this depth that we can start to scrape the surface of understanding how deep the cradle is that holds us. And what massive potential is tapped into our roots. 

Embrace your gravity and feel your body as it is. Not one that was, or will be. Whatever, however, your body is in this moment. With all its connections, manifestations, sensations. And feel how the earth is holding you and providing a space for you to explore this existence! What a precious time we have!

I suggest going somewhere open, somewhere connected to nature, somewhere you can feel the power of the Earth underneath you. Imagine that the layers and layers of molten rock that keep you from falling into the fiery core of the Earth are also layers and layers of energetic love that permeate this planet and every being on it. 

We are all connected. We are all arising and disintegrating into this beautiful Mother. 

Just by being, we are open to indescribable, untapped possibility. Just bask in your being beauty and recognize that no matter what you are doing, right now, it is an indescribable, unbridled possibility happening among thousands of indescribable, unbridled possibilities. 

Congratulations! No other moment will exist the same as this one! Enjoy it, you beautiful being!

Illustration by Abigail Loevy

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