For Dust

I fell in love with you

When it became clear I come from you

I went further back

Than Adam or Eve or any old story

And there you were

Just you and me

And a lot of space

I want to remember

Where I come from

If I don’t go back far enough

So much pain and tension is there

But if I can listen to that space

Between inhale and exhale

That moment when destruction

Blends with creation

There you are

My first particle

of love

Little Universe

Because inside every flower

Inside every whisper of the willow tree 

Every shift of the clouds

Of the breeze

Of the wafer thin breathe

Of a child about to sneeze 

Because of rainbows and butterflies

Eyeballs and cherries

Every strange wonder that flies with the fairies

Because all this is “real”

And quite tangibly so—-I know—-

The Universe 

can exist

in simply 


of my knees

Flower Trail

Folded Up

And Rolleded Up

Here darling, fill up your cup

When it’s full, empty again

Your cup is just a portal then

Merry along, and you go merrily

circular bee, a trilling fairy

In a space with no ending

Bending! Mending!

A random way that’s sending,


See what I mean

when you start to sing

dancing your life like a quaint

Spinny Thing

Feeling your palms and they

jitter and jive

Fabulous, angel! You’re a part of the hive!

Relax to existence

Then leave when you wish

But know that it’s worth it

This cannonball splish


We’ve arrived

Oh right,

we always are

Look up at your mountain

Enjoy cookies from the jar

Let go of the story of





We’re on to something great

Love Breaks

So the window is dying

Panes wilting in humidity

They chip and now they’ll drip

And not a soul will notice

That’s fine, says the man, living on the sand

Burning salty crystals into glass, ass

crack filled with little particles 

of sea

Mr. Miyoti

Mr. Miyoti

Please tie your tie

Shapen up

Listen up

Now, ours’z time to shine


Hours is not a general time

of clocks and socks and sunsets

Get yourself cosmic!

We’re heading for the stars

Glam up, we’ll take a rocket

Lightning speed, the speed of light

Neons flip flop seconds

So buff your fluff

finish life with ease

We’re off to fish for madness!

Chaotic, simply fantastic


A little blue boat

With purple silk sails

Coasts into a bushy place 

A baby jackrabbit

With soft sensitive hairs

Jumps up into outer space

Three small worms

Just passed away

They sink to the earth’s bubbly core

And a tiny old man

With fine wrinkly skin

Asks the moon for just…

one hour more

The Men Are Crying

eradicating fear

After many human-doings

there came along

a real authentic human-being

and her presence was so strong

that every other human-doing

sputtered and began a cry

the biggest cry of the universe

they wailed and whistled and whined

wedged inside their cracking hearts

lay all rejected self-knowing

years of pent-up pity and shame

hidden by desperate devoting

now brought up in a split of love

even the men were shaking

what a powerful sight to see!

the venerable act of aching