Ravnedans Festival
Kristiansand, Norway
Photograph by Simen Dieserud Thornquist

Movement. Hooting, howling, exhaling. Air is constantly shifting its contents through us in a variety of ways. Like the blood pumping through our veins, the digestive fire smoldering in our stomachs, or the earthy existence of our being, air is also a steady constant in our bodies, and one of the most readily noticeable too.

Becoming aware of breath

For me, air is the easiest quality to tap into. It flows with an invisible ease that I find so invigorating, and we can feel it moving by simple tapping into our breath. 

With every inhale and exhale, we have the opportunity to come back into the present moment. And, since our breath is constant, that means the present moment is always accessible to us through the breath, even when our minds feel very far away!

Becoming aware of the breath is one of the simplest tools we have, and one of the first things a yoga or meditation teacher will encourage you to engage with. 

Using the wind

Not only is our breath simply coming and going, but with each inhale and exhale we can also choose to actively send positive energies in and out of our body. We are air benders, and we don’t even notice it! (In fact, we bend all the elements inside of us; we are just now becoming more aware of it). By using the air quality that comes in and out of us so naturally through our breath, we can begin to send active love and kindness to us, through us, and towards the rest of the world around us. 

Air is a compassionate being, touching everything it comes in contact with. So, with a gentle, airy smooch, blow a kiss, and know that your thoughts-electromagnetic as they are-are floating on the wings of your breath to the world and the beings around you. 

How full of compassionate love we innately are!

Anchoring your balloons

As exciting and freeing as air is, it can sometimes be hard to settle and ground our air. As someone who is naturally full of air, I can attest to sometimes flying a little too high in the sky. 

The breath has and will always be a great way to come back into the body. I love this, because as air floats us up and away into the clouds, air also settles us back down into our bodies. It’s a perfect catalyst for understanding that when something is out of balance the answer is not to run away from it, but to go into it, see what is there, and work with it! 

For instance, today I felt like a hot air balloon. In the best of ways! I was getting a lot of things done, running around to many different places, and my brain was whirring on bicycle pedals that rushed me from thought to thought. When I get this way, I can easily forget my breath, and become overly excited with future prospects, long-winded ideas, and all the things I can do on a single exhale. 

It was in this spinning state of mind that I went to yoga and sat for a moment in meditation. Just by sitting, moving into my breath, and feeling all of my excitement, I was able to let it all pass through me easily. This, in a sense, was the anchor to my balloon. The body to my mind. 

I, for one, don’t like anchors. So I often run away from them! But they can be so helpful, and they give us the opportunity to let our big dreams (shout out to my fellow dreamers) time and space to settle, to pass through our bodies and our unlimited realities, and find their way into our manifestations. 

So, to my fellow hamsters whirring in the hamster wheel. Take a moment to step out and see the beautiful powerhouse that you are stirring into motion. Allow your balloon to deflate, to float to the earth for a moment. See your beautiful dreams and big ideas settle onto the ground and find their place in your life. 

This is the air that takes the seedlings from a tree and let’s them go when it’s time for them to root. This is the wind that can carry a feather across continents, but let’s the little guy settle from time to time in a floating, gentle place. 

Enjoy the never-ending air of you. Enjoy it when it’s speedy, when it’s slow, when it’s up, when it’s down. It’s floating you to all of the very best destinations. Let your belief that that’s true be carried on the universe’s wings. 

May we see the support that touches our skin all around us.

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